Financial Aid Appeals

Special-Unusual Circumstance Appeal Forms

  • Used by students to report unusual circumstances that may impact their ability to pay for their education that was not reflected on the student’s FAFSA
    • Ex. conditions that have recently reduced the family's income drastically (e.g. loss of job; reduction in wages; loss of one-time income) or extraordinary expenses that provide the family with less disposable income (e.g. significant medical expenses)

Dependency Override Forms

  • Available to students who are determined by the FAFSA to be a dependent student, but meet the limited conditions to be considered an independent student

Budget Appeal Forms

  • Available to students whose Cost of Attendance budget is not sufficient to meet their education-related costs

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Forms

  • Available to students who did not meet the SAP eligibility requirement to receive Federal and/or State Financial Aid


To obtain an Appeal or Override form, please email the Office of Financial Aid at A Financial Aid Specialist will assist you in evaluating your eligibility for consideration.